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Science Rediscovers the Healing Powers of Natural Sound

Modern scientific research supports ancient beliefs about the many potential healing powers of natural sound waves and their ability to reset the vibrational energy of the human body. Instinctively knowing illness and disease can only manifest when our energy bodies are out of synch with nature; ancient civilizations cultivated a close connection with the natural elements using organic vibrations to preserve youth and protect immunity. Recognizing the human body is an acoustic resonator by nature, they understood how health and wellness is naturally restored by entering a relaxed or meditative state allowing the energy field to synchronize with familiar vibrations of certain organic sound waves to bring bodily functions back into balance. Sound therapies have been capturing the attention of researchers in recent years providing proof that ancient sound healing practices are backed by science as they quickly gain momentum in the mainstream.

According to a meta-analysis research review in the April 2021 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, exposure to natural sounds alone has been found to improve health outcomes and positive affect, while decreasing stress and irritability. This research review sheds light on multiple studies showing how reestablishing resonance with natural vibrations can lower tension and blood pressure, reduce fatigue, reduce cortisol levels, lower stress on the brain and nervous system, and potentially lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Electromagnetic fields produced by all living organisms including humans provide a protective sphere of energy extending four to six feet around the body to exchange communication between our internal and external environments through light and sound waves. Our personal electromagnetic spheres sense and translate signals indicating vibratory changes in our environment so adaptive biological instruction sets may be transmitted to the heart, brain, and nervous system. When our body is synchronized with organic electromagnetic vibrations, the nervous system relaxes while strengthening and nourishing our personal energy field to allow natural self-healing abilities. This works to reverse electromagnetic damage caused by discordant vibratory patterns emitted by artificial magnetism and harmful technologies.

A study published in the Scientific Reports Journal in March 2017 investigated certain activations and connections in the human brain, along with autonomic nervous system responses in healthy adult participants exposed to natural versus artificial soundscapes. Natural sounds reduced fight-or-flight instincts while increasing parasympathetic response promoting relaxation to restore baseline bodily functions. Organic sounds were also found to prompt healthy external-focused attention patterns in study participants. In contrast, artificial sounds triggered unhealthy internal-focused attention patterns such as worrying and self-rumination, which are often linked to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions involving psychological stress. Additional findings show how participant exposure to inorganic sounds elicited slight cognitive changes including a slower reaction time in comparison to natural sounds. The data collection methods used in this study were unique in being able to provide physiological measurements to indicate brain changes, cognitive alterations, and distinct differences in involuntary responses of the body by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans, heart-rate monitors, and behavioral experiments to obtain more objective results. This study provides concrete evidence to support findings in similar research investigations while documenting clear benefits related to harmonizing the heart, brain, and nervous system with natural sound vibrations. An example of this correlation can be found in a study conducted in 2010 by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggesting natural sounds accelerate recovery time after fight-or-flight activation of the sympathetic nervous system following a psychological stressor.

Scientific researchers are suggesting natural sound therapies and technologies to be at the forefront in medicine in coming years as studies continue to assess potential diagnostic and therapeutic advancements in sound. Global Advances in Health and Medicine conducted a multifaceted research review exploring several studies that contribute evidence to show the significance of electromagnetic energy, sound vibration, and oscillatory patterns in the natural rhythm of life. They also assessed several sound and energy technologies being tested for potential diagnostic or therapeutic benefits related to cellular regeneration, DNA reprogramming, STEM cell gene expression, and biological signaling to name a few.

The ancients didn’t need or have access to pharmaceutical drugs or anti-viral treatments. Meditation was their medication, and viruses didn’t co-exist with humans until our organic biology was corrupted by incoherent vibrations produced by artificial intruder vibrations of light and sound technologies. It's an exciting time to be alive during the shift in consciousness as nature and science unite to restore natural order and return balance to humanity so we may once again live in harmony with our planet.

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