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Indigo Children

Are you an Indigo Child?

  1. Born after 1900-high influx after 1970, all souls born after 1995

  2. Highly sensitive emotionally although they often hide it well

  3. Empathetic and compassionate

  4. Introverted tendencies, require alone time to recharge

  5. Highly intelligent, fast learners, excellent memory (photographic for some)

  6. Spiritually evolved at birth- intuitive, psychic, & telepathic abilities although often suppressed due to lack of understanding or support

  7. Often perceived to be “old souls’ from a young age

  8. Highly creative musically or artistically

  9. Strong connection to nature, plants, and animals

  10. Often display symptoms of ADD or ADHD

  11. Prone to addiction, depression, anxiety, & suicidal ideation due to suppression of creative or spiritual gifts

  12. Prone to insomnia, nightmares, or other sleep problems

  13. Sensitivities/allergies to dietary, chemical, & environmental triggers

  14. Often feel lost or out of place before connecting with likeminded souls

  15. Easily bored, dislike small talk, may seem anti-social if not intellectually stimulated

  16. Quick thinkers, often impatient if others can’t keep up

  17. Hold high expectations for self and others, overly self-critical

  18. Difficulty with conventional and secular school systems

  19. Non-reactive to authoritarian, manipulative, fear, or guilt-based discipline

  20. Often rebellious and may get into trouble especially in younger years

  21. Resistance to control and question authority

  22. May have fiery temperament

  23. Non-reactive to authoritarian, manipulative, fear, or guilt-based discipline

  24. Independent, strong willed, and headstrong

  25. Strong sense of purpose to bring positive change to the world

  26. Truth seekers, easily detect lies and ulterior motives

  27. “System busters” ready to stand up and dismantle corrupt or unjust power structures

  28. Fluctuate between low self-esteem and grandiosity

  29. May be hyperactive or seem inconsiderate when on a mission

  30. Seek new ways to do things or improve outdated processes  

  31. More interest in uplifting humanity than material wealth or physical things

  32. Often have unusual things happen around them or paranormal experiences

  33. Sometimes perceived as strange, may feel like the black sheep of the family

  34. Tend to prefer smaller circles of close friends over large groups

  35. Inner awareness they have a mission to awaken the consciousness of humanity

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