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      My Healing Story

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read my story. My purpose for sharing is to help you understand my healing journey and how I came into alignment with my passion and higher calling.
Throughout most of my life, I’ve been notorious for taking the road less traveled. Like many old souls, I chose to begin my tough lessons early in life to help me awaken to my gifts and prepare to help others navigate the energetic shifts as the planet evolves into higher frequencies. Beginning in early childhood and continuing into my early thirties I gained firsthand experience with every form of abuse, addiction, infidelity, heart break, broken homes, loss, and toxic relationships.
As a broke college student, I became pregnant in an abusive relationship at the age of 20. Soon I was juggling work, school, and a beautiful new baby as a single mom living 75 miles away from home. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in nursing, I continued the fast-paced juggling act working double shifts to pay for a custody battle, student loans, and a home for my daughter. After a very painful childhood and an abusive pregnancy leaving me heart broken, I turned to self-medication and keeping so busy that I didn’t have time to truly feel the pain. Instead of taking the time to heal my heart, once again I powered forward playing the role I learned as a child pretending everything was okay. Loving or respecting myself enough to fill my own cup first or set personal boundaries went out the window the minute I abandoned myself to run from the pain. People pleasing, over committing, and saying yes when I wanted to say no was my normal way of being because it felt more comfortable. I may have chosen a different path than some, but I believe most of us in the material world become so focused on people pleasing and pretending to be happy in the daily rat race that we lose track of our passions in life and disconnect from who we really are. This way of being led to my first neck surgery for a herniated disc at the young age of 31. After surgery I woke up in the recovery room unable to swallow or use my voice due to a rare complication listed on the patient consent form I signed off on. I spent the next 2 years trying voice therapies and temporary vocal cord injections until I agreed to one more neck surgery to insert a permanent vocal cord implant. To this day I cannot recall what my natural voice sounded like, but the patience and wisdom I gained during that time could only be understood through experiencing the consequences of disconnecting from my intuition and giving my power away to modern medicine instead of listening to my heart.  In hindsight, my down time recovering from each medical intervention were likely time outs from the universe forcing me to slow down and connect with my mind, body, and spirit. A big aha moment was the realization my outer voice may have been lost to put me in touch with my inner voice asking me to step out of the unconscious material world to reconnect with the true essence of my mind, body, and spirit. My mind became so narrowly focused working as a nurse in a busy inner-city hospital caring for critically ill patients that I relied on symptoms-based methodology focusing solely on exterior physical and mental manifestations of illness rather than including the mind, body, and spirit. Old habits and programming are difficult to recognize and release, but in my personal belief and experience divine guidance does not rest until we surrender to our higher calling and destined path. I finally surrendered after one more time out from the universe when I rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening infection. It was crystal clear that self-neglect and covering my internal wounds with external interventions was not working so I finally brought my attention inward for some introspection. I had to take a good look at my shadows from my darker experiences with physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and substance abuse were affecting my health on all levels. I had been too afraid to acknowledge the pain, so I put up walls of protection instead of acknowledging the source of my pain stemming from traumas and abuse beginning in early childhood. A sudden epiphany that we only fear that which we do not understand made me determined to learn about my traumatic experiences and abuse patterns so I could understand and release the fear. I knew deep down this was the key to getting off the hamster wheel of toxic cycles. After my last hospitalization for my infection, I went back to grad school for my master’s in health communication, but I found myself spending more time studying about natural healing and energy than I was studying for classes in my graduate program.

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